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I have only read the introduction, but Tequila Junction by H. John Poole looks to be promising. Have you read it or heard of it? I saw it on a desk at work the other day.

John Bushman

While I acknowledge that the recently published counterinsurgency doctrine does not provide a clear operational plan for the “political action part,” the purpose of doctrine is to provide a document that captures and clarifies enduring key themes and guidance to commanders and staffs to aide their future mission planning and execution.
The United States Army has amassed a significant collection of lessons learned from the last 7 years, primarily from the experiences of tactical-level officers, Lieutenants and Captains. Senior Army leadership has had to internalize these lessons learned and develop equipment, operations concepts, and training to try to adapt an enormous organization to meet those tactical demands. That bottom-up learning is symbolic of what makes the U.S. Army unique and enduring; trust in its people and adaptability to meet the needs of the mission.
It relies heavily on its people to understand the mission, the command intent, and to develop and execute plans and operations accordingly. By providing specified tasks and prescriptive methods for gaining local population support or accounting for the population across the full spectrum of operations, “winning hearts and minds;” the execution arm of the military is actually handicapped.
As you noted, it is the training provided to the Army’s tactical personnel that has the greatest potential to provide the “how” to account for the local population during all types of operations. However, even that training can only remain relevant to the current situation. Marketing campaigns and strategies fall into that very category – they change with the desires or means of the target population. I propose that the current counterinsurgency framework is sufficient for the concepts it lays forth and the value it, and the new FM 3-0 “Operations” places on the human element of conflict.
Where the Army must provide better fidelity is in the training of its people to be adaptive thinkers and to incorporate multiple ideas from experience into actionable plans that support a greater campaign narrative. To do this, time and resources must be expended to challenge Army leaders in training environments to use their ideas to persuade populations or groups and to understand by trial and error, the impact that their tactics may have in the form of second and third order effects in a population. The only way to accomplish such training is to provide collaborative environments for the sharing of ideas and vignettes between personnel, and open forums for debate and peer criticism. Then, those ideas (such as marketing themes applied to political action) can be incorporated into unit tactics. The lessons learned from those tactics that incorporated a new idea must then be resubmitted as vignettes back into the collaborative environment so that tactic can be vetted further and perhaps become a doctrinal fundamental or principle one day.

Major John Bushman, student, Command and General Staff College, U.S. Army Combined Arms Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.

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I love how you guys always change the mysterious voodoo into common sense tests.

It is delusion to believe that you can convince a population you are their friend when clearly the real motives of the invasion is that country's natural resources.

Can't do it, nada. Best you can hope for is they fear you more than the insurgents. Begin seducing with the local elites because they are probably corrupt anyway and won't mind you bombing the people into submission.

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The United States Army has amassed a noteworthy gathering of lessons studied from the final 7 years, principally from the encounters of tactical-level officers, Lieutenants and Captains.

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I respect USA Army guys, I am agree, thank you a lot!

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