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Brian W.

Hear! Hear!

That's all I have to say about that.


Indeed. Well said.


Let's hope that the Dem leadership in the House and Senate are up for the opportunity. I'm tired of hearing that weak excuse about "60 votes for closure." Time to shut that exercise down.

John Clancey Braxton

Right on. We shall see what a stinked up mess an inexperienced president and a hidbound ideolog Congress can get this world into!


The world leaders are licking their lips at his election.Cant wait to stick their fangs into him and drink his blood. Too bad it includes ours as well.

J Combs

Yeah, about that...
He hasn't led us to greatness, exactly.
Now that he lost a supermajority, he's powerless. Pretty bad when you own both houses and can't ram your agenda through. Bush was bad, Obama is worse by a few orders of magnitude.

No change. Sorry America, you were lied to. Again.

Detours 2.0 alternative

Congrats!! Mr. President!!

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