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I'll play devil's advocate for a moment (and I mean that title very nearly literally). IF the mock grenades were in checked baggage rather than a carry on and IF the procedures used to determine that they were just dummies were sound, I can see why they would take the action (or lack thereof) they did. And I'm not just saying that because I'll be traveling by air again soon and would like to avoid any really thorough body searches.


We really do need a thorough scrub of the regulations. I'm sick of taking my shoes off, I think the "liquid ban" is overboard, and the customs actions with regards to grabbing laptops and iPods is even more insane. When are DHS and TSA going to realize that it's not Sep 12, 2001, anymore?


While the TSA generally annoys me, this is one time they probably did it right. My 15 year old son is going through a "Army is cool" phase, as most young boys do, and has a couple of inert grenades he bought online. They were mailed to him via USPS to where we live overseas. They are round blue pieces of empty steel with a huge hole in the bottom so you can see inside it. Heck you can wiggle your fingers all up in there if you should choose. They look exactly like the ones I threw in the Army except they are so obviously inert. About the only way it could hurt anybody is if he threw it at his brother and conked him on the noggin with it. I fly regularly with a 12ga shotgun and ammunition in my luggage for shooting competition. TSA doesn't even blink at that since all the paperwork is in order. Why should they worry about an inert piece of round metal? As mentioned above, I think we all need to take a deep breath and remember its not 9/12 anymore.

Tom Grant

Cole, Mojo, I hear what you're saying. An inert grenade isn't really a threat, except as something that might get stuck in the airline's toilet if you tried to flush it.

On the other hand, we're supposed to be wary of bringing even a blunt pair of nail scissors on a flight if someone might use it to credibly threaten someone. The TSA's policies are inconsistent and invite ridicule. That's hardly what the last line of defense should look like. We're long overdue for a thorough look into the TSA, with an eye to overhauling the silly bits.

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