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Have you considered joining (or creating) a group blog? Much easier to maintain traffic with multiple bloggers, which evens out the flow over time.


I highly recommend you continue blogging. Your voice and perspective are highly appreciated and in high demand. Follow Rob's advice and round up a few partners as well; the more the merrier around here.

Chuang Shyue Chou

Please continue your blog on military affairs. Thank you.


I like reading your blog, and I'd miss it if it went.

Alberik Rotaru

Please continue. Its a crucial blog, especially when military science has suddenly become such a central part of public dialogue.


Please keep blogging. I always find it interesting and would certainly miss it.


I kept checking but gave up after a week or two. But I checked today and figured I would comment since I voted for you to continue. If you don't provide us with your insight where else could we get it? The categories, core topics, resources, etc. provide valuable educational opportunity. Since I have not contributed nor commented much I understand if you do surrender, kidding, but I am a human, albeit old, who is striving and who appreciates your effort thus far.

James Joyner


Good to see that you're alive and kicking, at least. It's very difficult to keep up a solo blog unless you have time and energy to knock out numerous posts a day. I think we could find a spot for you at OTB and/or highlight your work on relevant topics on the Atlantic Council's New Atlanticist blog.


I visit here generally when linked by other sites I visit regularly (particularly Poliblog). I've always found the material relevant and interesting. It would be a shame to lose such a valuable resource.


I always enjoy your writing, and have learnt a great deal from it. Thank you for what you have written to date, whether or not you continue - but I hope you do!

S├ębastien Vincent

I read tens of blogs and yours is the best and most interesting by far. Thank you for your work. I hope you will continue for a long time.

Small Axe

I read too many blogs posts, but have never regretted time spent reading your blog. Your on my aggregator and I'm always pleased to see a new post. I'd understand if you stopped, but I hope you'll keep contributing. Your readers benefit from what you write.


Keep writing.


Please continue. You have a great blog


please keep writing. I dont comment often but that doesnt mean I dont read your blog.


I would dearly miss your deep and insightful commentary into defense strategy, particularly counterterrorism and grand strategy. Please keep blogging, look forward to your work and will comment and dialogue accordingly.

Matthew Shugart

Wow, it has been two months since you posted? I had not noticed.


I was worried about you.

I voted YES, resoundingly (I clicked "submit" extra hard, possibly leaving an indentation on the keyboard).

Matt Nesbitt

I thought I was the only one with the clear viewpoint, but yor blog has shown that yes, there are others out there too. (And ones that are better at expressing those view points than me.) Thanks for all the work so far and I hope you continue.


I hope you keep it up, too. Yours has always been one of the most informative and astute sites I frequent.

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