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One of the few advantages of spending most of the first five years of my Air Force career on Army posts was that the libraries had a great selection of books on "revolutionary" and "counter-revolutionary" warfare. Although this was in the immediate post-Vietnam era, I was the first person to check many these books out in years and sometimes the only person ever to check them out. Forgetting about Vietnam has a long and distinguished pedigree in the US military.


Wright deserves a little credit. At the top level, the objective for Iraq was to destroy it as a functioning country and then remake it as Utopia as envisaged by hard right ideologues. This is pretty much an unprecedented political-military objective in US history and has few successful historical precedents save for the colonization of the Americas. What the US civilian leadership wanted to do to Iraq is so far out there in unprecedented la la land that it's completely unsurprising the boots-on-ground component turned into an epic disaster.


It's not a bad report. My biggest criticism (and one I didn't voice fully in my post) is that it's typical of how the Army focuses on tactical/operational exercises and completely misses the strategic purpose for what they are doing. We may be good at tactics but we still suck at strategy.

Oh, also absolutely nothing on WMD stuff. Tre' depressing for me.

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