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"Baptisms of excrement--" forcing people to get their hands dirty in illegal or immoral activities as a condition of membership was and/or is standard practice in many organizations with less than entirely ethical objectives. Examples include the Nazi party, the various communist parties in power, street gangs, the mafia, and probably most authoritarian regimes in general. It's not hyperbole to say that movement conservatism has a lot in common with other authoritarian movements and outright criminal organizations.


You guys are a bunch sheep dung. I can only hope that you go down first in any further Islamic attack on the West. You really got your panties in a twist over protecting the scum of the earth from "sensory deprivation" and "water boarding".
Party on Dwayne! Oh, wait where's your head dude. What's it doing up your ass?


Alexander, your vitriol is misdirected. I spent the better part of the late 80s and early 90s focused on the twin national security challenges of counterterrorism and counterinsurgency, because I thought the US government and electorate were not taking these threats seriously enough.

For decades, I've wanted a tough, serious, and smart strategy for fighting Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. I just wish the Bush Administration hadn't pursued a silly, stupid, and counterproductive strategy that every expert on fighting terrorists would tell you was wrong, wrong, wrong. (By experts, I don't mean people who, before 2001, couldn't tell you the difference between the PFLP and the NCAA.)

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