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Steven Taylor

The disturbing thing is, I am not convinced that a critical mass of persons who think that the last eight years have been a total waste vis-a-vis anti-terrorism policy. Yes, there is more than a critical mass who think Bush is a failure, but the House's vote on FISA/telecom immunity last week (not to mention the general anemia of the Congressional Democrats since 2006)indicate that there are still far too many non-Bushites who buy into the overall approach. Obama's political calculations on the issue (the aforementioned bill) are also troubling.

joel hanes

How on earth did we waste eight years combating terrorist groups?

We didn't.

We spent eight years pretending to combat terrorist groups: the appearance (TSA, Homeland Security) was politically useful, and the appearance was enough.

We also spent eight years combatting imaginary terrorist groups (Iraq), primarily because a shooting war is always politically useful if you want to be a War Preznit.

And for oil, of course.

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