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There is a certain irony in the number of monuments to freedom in DC given that DC is crawling with 'security' measures only slightly less odious than that guard tower and leaders who consider 1984 to be a 'how to' manual.


How long are you here in town?

PS Glad to have you back on the blogging scene. It was getting lonely without you.


I'm here through tomorrow. We had a hilarious adventure last night, trying to see the art projected on the National Cathedral. We may have seen a two-second smear of red color before the wind and rain made it impossible to see.


Yeah sorry about our weather here. I'm sure it's been annoyingly obstructing your sight-seeing since you arrived. The rain hasn't let up for the last three or four days. On a positive note, hopefully you toughed it out in enough museums around town to stay high and dry.

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