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Which is why right-wingers really hate Europe; they sense that perhaps it's adhering more to American ideals. There was also the case where a British reporter interviewed Bush, and rattled him by conducting an actual interview, as opposed to journalistic f*ll*tio.


"In other words, European democracy looks more muscular than ours."

That's a bit broad and vague at the same time. Could you qualify that conclusion a bit?

K Kramer

If people in the US did similar protests wouldn't they just be called "fat SUV-driving pigs"?


Perhaps you missed the recent protests by truckers in the US.

For example:

Note, however, that the price of petrol in Europe is about double what we're paying in the US. So, perhaps people in the US who are complaining about fuel costs are just "fat SUV-driving pigs" after all.

Personally, I think higher gas prices are a good things, since it is finally forcing people to rethink wasteful lifestyles and making more environmentally-friendly technologies economically feasible.


The Euros are protesting, wonderful. It is the only thing the mob is good at doing over there. If they did not elect Socialists who are taxing gas at almost a 50% clip, their fuel prices would be close to what they are in the US. The chickens have come home to roost over the pond.

nike shox r4

In other words, European democracy looks more muscular than ours.

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