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OTOH, set that opposition up against their brutality in Abyssinia, and later in Libya and Cyrenaica, where Arabs suspected of Allied sympathies were generally suspended on meathooks through the jaw and left to die of thirst. (See Peniakoff, "Private Army"). Not to mention their crushing defeat by a British force they outnumbered 15 to one in 1940 in North Africa. Incompetent and cruel isn't exactly an inaccurate description.


No doubt, ajay. I'm not trying to overlook or excuse the Fascists' attacks on other Italians, the Italian army's brutal treatment of the Ethiopians, or other crimes of Italy under Mussolini. The part of the Holocaust story I cited is all the more remarkable in light of them.

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

I concur: a most excellent film


Wow, that's the first impartial opinion about italians in WW2 that I've read. Respect.

beats by dre it

This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes. Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.

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