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I think that their is a whole lot of ignorance on counter-insurgency. But the advocates of it also lack some perspective. I could make Iraq safe. The same way we made Arizona safe in the 1890s. But there is not the will (nor should there be) for that sort of thing.

I could also do a lot of "pay one Indian tribe to kill another". And this is something we can probably get away with easier. But it does not still establish definite control. It is more of a meddling type thing. Fun and useful for an imperial power. But not matching the Wilson dreams of neocons or the "dominance" verbology of network centric warriors.

Oh...and I mean more what we did in Somalia recently with the Ethipians than what we did, than the recently touted tribal stuff versus Al Queda, which isn't really affecting the end state and will be forgotten when we leave Iraq. The basic concept is interesting, though. You're really outsourcing brutality, outsourcing responsability, outsourcing dying. It's a bit like rendition. We won't torture you, we'll just hand you over to someone who will.

Oh...and Americans HATE learning languages. We don't even teach our spies (err...diplomats) well. We don't demand performance there. We're just intellectually lazy and culturally arrogant on that. And its so foundational and simple. But we won't change on that. And I don't think the CI types appreciate it either. They want to send more people to Monterey. But that's not the answer. Paying people more and hiring smarter people is the answer. aNd holding balls to the fire.


It's institutional. The changes that would have to happen to make the CI outlook a reality, would also mean you'd have people walking out the door, rather than enforce a bullshit policy.

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