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I expect that the garrison state, er, "security" community will find that the "opposition" Democrats are as good an investment as the more usual Republicans.

Look at how many roll-overs and sell-outs the Dems have orchestrated -- since only January!! I understand that the GOP has evolved into a weird kind of mental illness carnival show, and that they need a thorough political stomping. But the Dems have profoundly betrayed every single hope placed on them. In their entire line-up of presidential candidates, the only two worth voting for don't have a chance.

I might not even vote next time. Why bother?

James Hasik

You wrote that "Americans were unpleasantly surprised to learn how many military tasks, such as piloting Predator drones, were handled by civilian contractors..."

Surprised? Mildly I was, but hardly unpleasantly so. What's the problem? General Atomics seems to be providing an excellent turnkey solution. If the USAF thinks that having the OEMs provide take-off and landing services is economically efficient, then so be it.

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