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Oh, but the Cold War was so fun! Serious demands for defense analyses, big military contracts... I'll bet that the F-22/F-35 community is heaving a big sigh of relief as to figuring out their next budget pitch to the Pentagon.

What do they plan to do with it? I'm betting on using this prestige as leverage against its neighbors and future trading partners. "See? We're big and bad, you can count on us to be the counter to U.S. interests, just like the good old days." You are correct that this isn't really Cold War, but if perception paints Russia as a giant, that's all they need.


Maybe Putin is on the Boeing payroll as a "consultant". Pay him a couple million dollars a year in a Swiss account and you can leverage the entire Russian defense budget as part of your advertising campaign!

Irving Isler

The lines of these politics are so far past blurry it's like being legally blind and trying to decipher modern art.


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