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"the phony “red state, blue state” fracture, invented by those wishing to artificially divide us"

...yet made all-too-real by the electoral college.


I think the real divide is not as much between science and anti-science but between empiricism and belief. While the Republican base rejects science, this rejection is merely part of broader rejection of empiricism. When confronted with an empirical reality that contradicts their beliefs, Republicans throw out the reality and keep their beliefs.

When the empirical evidence (i.e. reality) indicated that Iraq was no threat to the United States, Republicans ignored reality and clung to their belief to the contrary. Now the empirical evidence is indicating that Iran poses no immediate threat to the United States, Republicans are ignoring reality and clinging to their belief to the contrary. When the empirical evidence supports evolution, an old Earth, the risks of global warming, the bankruptcy of supply-side economics, and demonstrates the malevolence of the Cheney administration, the Republican base again rejects reality and clings to their beliefs.

Rejection of science is just the tip of the iceberg in the Republican mind. What they really reject is reality.

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