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The media are on this. A Fresno news station ran a feature story,, and the Fresno Bee just released a front page article on this incident,

We have never seen anything this disturbing in our entire life. Shame on these people and our hearts should ache for the poor children who are under their teachings.

Steven Taylor

I was quite surprised that this was a California church.

Sadly, my own recent experience on my blog with a cadre of white supremacists has only underscored (see here and here, if you can stomach some of the comments) that there are indeed some scary folks out there with, to put it kindly, retrograde views on race.


I think that this whole situation is overblown. I do not support what this church did, I think it was certainly not in good judgement. And I'm even more sure that they do not consider themselves "White supremists" (spelling).
As you said, I really do think that ignorance is the culprit in this situation.

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