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You misread the question on the exam - our substitute teacher, Tony Snow, wrote on the chalkboard: "Compare the feasibility of maintaining a long-term (decades) presense of American troops in Iraq with the logistical and operational issues observed with maintaining a significant military force in South Korea. Do not consider value (or detriment) of such military installations to the overall strategic mission in those respective theaters."

Steven Taylor

More to the point, the lecturer in this course has demonstrated a profound and deep attachment to overly simplistic analogies.

As such, the answer to the test question goes like this:

1. American troops in Korea, fighting bad guys = America troops fighting bad guys in Iraq.

2. American troops and allies never fully controlled all of Korea = American troops and allies aren't controlling all of Iraq.

3. American troops stayed in part of Korea and now that part of Korea is our friend and is democratic and capitalistic, so therefore leaving American troops in part of Iraq will work out exactly the same way!

You, young man, are simply making it all too complicated for your own good!

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