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Ryan Holiday

My favorite line was the one that went something like "There's nothing wrong with poverty--only not doing anything to alleviate it."

Personally though, I thought that Brasidas' orations were superior, especially since he came from a culture that did little to encourage great speaking.


To recap; near the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, Pericles made a speech that talked about how the innate superiority of Athens' way of life led to their dominant position in the world and would always ensure victory. Then they were conquered. He could write for the NY Times.


Mojo, my regular allusions to the Peloponnesian Wars are no accident.

Nike Dunk Low

"Instead, the United States needs military professionals, with a long-term dedication to both the mission, for however long it lasts, and the service, in which they want to make their careers". .Nike SB

We already have those. Do we need more? Absolutely. You imply that us already in the service are not professionals with long-term dedication.Cheap Nike Sb Dunks

You also imply that our troops are not creative and can't handle complex situations. You base this on what? Books? Media reports? Your time in the military (which I think is non-existent)?

We know about the problems that you and other academics constantly point out way before they appear on your radar screen. We live it every day. 24/7.

"In other words, the "point of the spear" in America's wars cannot be highly-trained 24 year olds with state-of-the-art night vision and GPS gear, capable of summoning armor, air..."Jordan Rereo 1

When was the last time you talked to one of those 24 year olds?

I could not agree more with Neils.

What is your proposed sulution?

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