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I worry, though, that the last option requires that they care about posterity, or that they have some fear of political judgement in the near term, and Bush's statements to the contrary on the former, neither of these really seems to be the case.

This Adminstration is basically over, they've accomplished all they seemingly can or want to. They've already funneled tens of billions of dollars to their cronies in Halliburton, Blackwater, Lockheed, and their ilk. Their plutocrat buddies have already enjoyed 6 years of low taxes (with a couple more locked in). The highest levels of the Administration are seemingly protected from prosecution by stonewalling and forgetfulness.

What more could they feasibly accomplish, particularly with a hostile congress that's not going to let them, say, legislate oil drilling in ANWAR? Bush & Co clearly have no stake in the outcome of the 2008 election; they'll all retire to fat corporate sinecures, think tanks, or speaking tours in the closed circle of conservative groupthink, their wallets as fat as their legacies are threadbare, and not give one whit.

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