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Consider also that at least some of the corporate money that finds its way into the pockets of right wing paramilitaries will not be the result of extortion but rather on a fee for service basis. There are nontrivial financial and ideological synergies to be had from corporate interests paying right wing paramilitaries to harass, intimidate or annihilate labor, environmental and/or social movements. Tolerating this kind of corporate malfeasance creates a huge risk of blowback.


Great observations, and let me add a more general one. The US govt lack of attention to Central and South America over the past six years has been increasingly harmful to US interests. Haiti is imploding, Cuba could be won over if we didn't listen to so many Miami Cubans, and South America lists increasingly towards socialism while our government alienates those nations. The border initiative is a failure, and cocaine and heroin continues to flow into the United States. We need a new Truman doctrine as much as we do a Middle East solution.

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