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Michael Hampton

My favorite quote was from the high-level TSA bureaucrat saying that screeners are supposed to fail the Red Team tests. To wit:

"We could put these tests together so that we have a 100 percent success rate every single time," said Morris. "Then, they wouldn't be challenging, they wouldn't be realistic and they really wouldn't be stretching the limits and the imagination of the Transportation Security Officer." [That's screener.]


Michael, that could well be true. They might be using a small proportion of easy tests. We don't know.

What we do know is that the department of Heimat Sicherheitdienst was probably the department in which the Bush administration has had the best opportunities for mischief, since it was created during a massive reorganization. We also know that the Bush administration cares less for the national security of the USA than for its own perks, power, privilege and pillaging. This leads to the obvious conclusion that the real security situation s*cks quite badly; the real reason that Al Qaida hasn't struck in the USA since 9/11 is that it hasn't had to.

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