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How about throwing Little Miss Sunshine in the mix, a message movie that didn't beat you on the head and that needs to be heard in today's America.


I still haven't forgiven the Academy for giving "Shakespeare in Love" the Best Picture over "Saving Private Ryan." Utter travesty.

My wife and I argue about the Oscar awards all the time. I pick the ones who will win based on politics, she picks the ones who ought to win based on talent. I always win on total correctly named awardees, unfortunately.


I agree. As I have gotten older and seen more of life, I am less interested in going to the movies to see some ridiculously over-the top violent flick. Real violence pretty much sucks, and there's plenty of it on CNN. I go to the movies to escape, not to see the same stuff I could see on CNN.

Tom Grant

Yeah, a big thumbs up for Little Miss Sunshine. It's one of those comedies that people will be remembering for years. ("I'm the second most prominent Proust scholar in America!")

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