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Thank you sir. I saw this movie with a big group of people and was the only one who thought it was asinine. The internet hasn't helped. I'm confounded at how many people adore this "film."


I haven't seen the movie, but regarding the first point, my understanding is that, while the Civil War ended in 1939, some small groups of Republicans remained hidden (usually in forests or mountains), carrying out small operations, for a few years. Although they had few hopes militarily, the idea that the end of WWII might cause the fall of Franco (an "ally" of Hitler, after all), may have been a reason to keep on fighting.


If you haven't already seen it, I would highly recommend Ali Selim's "Sweet Land" as an antidote to del Toro's poison. Sweet indeed, and not one gratuitous murder.


Sure, most guerrilla movements never get 100$ wiped out. (That's an important expectation that needs to get set in any counterinsurgency war, BTW.) However, why would you set the movie then, not earlier? There didn't seem to be any particular point.

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