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And the value of the data used on that tool is pretty darn close to zero. Showing a bunch of blinking symbols coded as "aviation incident" and "radiation incident" and "chemical incident" and "biological incident" and "bomb incident" seems impressive. It's less impressive when you notice that the symbols actually show locations where somebody left a bag unattended in an airport, someone stole a (high resale value) device containing less radiation than the smoke alarm display at your local hardware store, someone panicked upon finding a box containing a tissue soaked in nontoxic liquid, someone mistook dust for anthrax, and someone freaked over an ad campaign.


As I said, it all depends on the value of the data. Still, it's interesting how to see how someone can create a framework for building this kind of view, with less effort than it might have taken in the past. But that's the software executive part of me looking at this page, thinking about how someone develops these sorts of "decision-making support" applications.

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