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A 'critique' here on the "announcing" portion for this, as it just seems that either your 'levels' should get adjusted, or some "filtering" needs to be implemented. I'm not certain if you are actually being too close to the 'mic' for this then, but the "feedback" tends to bear this out overall. There are very pronounced portions where this is heard with reverberations at the end of certain utterances, and that then distorts this or carries over to the next item. It doesn't detract too much from your entire "broadcast", yet it muffles this at times and obscures that somewhat. Good Luck with this and I shall give a listen to some others along with yours, as if there weren't enough as it is. The musical interludes you've included seem to recall for myself, those along the lines of what you'd 'hear' from the NPR kind. For some people, then yes, they will believe this to be of a more "sophisticated" nature, but that's just fine as well. One MORE 'voice', will therefore add to the 'mix' and give still another "viewpoint" for anything in general.


The story behind the sound quality in Episode #2 shows how much I have to learn about sound editing. I did a test recording, everything seemed fine, so I went on to record the whole program. Somehow, a buzz crept into these recordings. I played around with various features of Audacity, the sound editing tool I have, and managed to get rid of the buzz. However, I somehow introduced other weird sound artifacts in the process...

As I said, next time, it will be better. I'll investigate how to avoid the buzz in the first place, and do some more research on fixing audio problems if they occur again.

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