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How about blowing up Lenin's train before it got to the Finland Station? I'm no expert, but I believe his influence on events was even greater and more baleful than Hitler's. Also, without Lenin -- both as an axample and as a boogeyman -- Hitler might never have gained the power he did.

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wmr: 'Seven Days to Petrograd', by Tom Hyman:

"In a thriller that recalls Frederick Forsyth's The Day of the Jackal, Hyman dramatizes one of the great "what if's" of history, namely, what if Lenin had been assassinated aboard that famous "sealed train" that took him from Switzerland to Petrograd's Finland Station in 1917? Hard pressed on two military fronts, and with America about to enter the war, Germany makes a deal with Lenin: money and secret transportation to Petrograd in exchange for his promise to pull Russia out of the conflict. Churchill gets wind of the scheme and, with the support of Secretary of State House (though without the knowledge of President Wilson), hires an American secret agent, the tough and resourceful Bauer, to kill Lenin on the journey. Bauer boards the train disguised as a member of Lenin's revolutionary party and, in circumstances that become increasingly perilous after his cover is blown and he has fallen for the charms of a beautiful "comrade," makes attempt after attempt to fulfill his assignment. Hyman (The Russian Woman, Giant Killer) doesn't quite display Forsyth's narrative flair, but his story is a clever mix of fact and fiction, and propulsively suspenseful."

Kingdaddy: 'Making History', by Stephen Fry

"A time-travel tale, of sorts, this novel by a British comedian is alternately funny and thought-provoking. The protagonist, Michael Young, is a trendy, somewhat vapid graduate student at Cambridge who is just finishing his dissertation on the early years of Hitler. Fry alternates chapters describing Michael's actions with sections of his dissertation, allowing a glimpse into the environment that spawned the rise of the Fuhrer. Upon Michael's meeting with physics professor Leo Zuckermann, the nefarious plot thickens. What if Hitler had never been born? What would a world without the Holocaust be like? The two men send male-sterility pills back in time to the water supply used by Hitler's parents. Instantly, Michael finds himself, British accent and all, as an American student at Princeton in an entirely different world. Is it a better world? The novel is full of surprises, with the outcome not even remotely as pristine as Michael had hoped. This is a strange book, full of dry British humor and quips. It also deals with the Nazi "final solution," a topic at the far extreme from laughable. It takes readers into a world of ironic possibilities fraught with disaster, resulting from the best of intentions. YAs will find this an easy read that will stretch their imaginations, entertain them, and leave them thinking about the possible outcomes of the "road not taken."

/Good Yule & Merry New Year!


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I beleive the geniside of hitler was a much needed event to rid the jews of germany before they did any real damage to us germans economy and politics. It happend for a great caus and great reason beyond you and me my freind.
And no i would not have shot Adolf but meirly take the bullet for him.

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A well known theory states that on 30 April 1945 Adolf Hitler committed suicide by gunshot and cyanide poisoning.

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other revolutionary movements had leaders who spoke eloquently about what to do after the sei

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