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Chuck Hagel - the last honest Republican in the Senate.


Each day I see the rhetoric on Iraq creeping ever-more forward to the conclusions on counterinsurgency that Michael Shafer provided for us nearly 17 years ago in his classic book on CI, Deadly Paradigms.

It baffles me that despite the mountains of opinions, research, and plans for Iraq, no one has referenced the lessons/ideas/conditions about waging counterinsurgency that Shafer discusses. The book can probably be found on almost any collegiate syllabus for classes touching on CI, yet our nation's leaders have forgetten (or fail to admit) these hard lessons.

I highly recommend it for those interested in CI. The conditions in Iraq represent practically the worst-case scenario for counterinsurgency, which Shafer outlines in the book.

- Jeff


I expect better from Hagel. Iraq did not conceive this lunatic project; we tossed the country to the lions.

The Iraq war has been marked by startling level of uncorrected incompetence across our entire executive. This is not helped by waffling about exit with honor.

Comparisons with that marginal far East Asian war half a century ago are symptoms of delusion. In prospect we have a major conflagration in the region that literally fuels the world economy.

We have been defeated in Iraq, are near to losing in Afghanistan and now must be prepared to face dire consequences. Instead what our leaders posture in the run up to the 08 US elections.

In reality a lasting departure of US forces from the region this side of 2030 may be fantasy. Strategic necessity is a harsh master that quickly bends peoples to his will. Soup queues and vanished pension funds can have that affect.

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