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I remember a while back - early 90s? - there was a first-person shooter game based on the Vietnam conflict. It was crude, but you basically were the point man of a four-man Marine squad slogging through the jungle, and Charlie would pop up from time to time as well as a few North Vietnamese regular forces. Not exactly a counterinsurgency game, but it was interesting in that the mood of the uncertainty of jungle warfare was approximated.

You are right about the commercialism of the SAIC product - I haven't tried it yet, mean to look at it this weekend, but it is a pretty obvious attempt to garner public support for an acquisition program that is way overextended and in peril of being cut back. That said, it's certainly of interest to have more simulation-based acquisition efforts on the market that can demonstrate the concept under which the program is intended. Certainly gets the idea across more effectively than paper studies, and one can then question the assumptions made in the simulation to better guide the acquisition program. At least that's the theory.

I think a counterinsurgency campaign game would be a great idea. Need to pitch it to the creators of "Total War" or "Europea Unverisalis" or even Gary Gigax's company. Or maybe they're too rooted in conventional warfare...

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