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What? You don't believe John McCain's sincere protestations on The Daily Show that the Administration has learned from its mistakes? Implying that a) it had made mistakes, and b) it has acknowledged making those mistakes?

John Tieso

Perhaps the Bush administration has not only begun to believe in its own foreign policy--but begun to believe that it is ONLY foreign policy that makes sense. As I did the historical research for my first terrorism novel, it became quite clear that the Bush Administration wasn't the only government that made critical mistakes in its foreign policy while casting it in stone.

The British and French still believe, after all these years, that their support of the ending of the Mandate in Palestine which eventually created Jordan and Israel in 1948, was the correct decision and supported it for years with arms and foreign aid. Mirage jets from France, some will argue, was the tip of the balance toward Israel when the Arab onslaught was initially making real headway.

Eisenhower's blind support of France in its decision to fight against Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam was a classic in casting bad foreign policy in stone. Nonethless, he started a stone rolling that cost a lot of lives.

Then, of course, there is DeGaulle, and the Algerian rebellion. DeGaulle was not ready for any independence movement on his watch--after all, HE had liberated France--at least in his own mind, and would not change his views, even in the face of what should have been obvious. Algeria became independent, and DeGaulle went back into retirement, but not before a very bloody period.

I doubt that George W. will change--or even learn from his mistakes, because George W's motives are not peace and democracy, they tend more toward revenge, and that causes hardening of purpose--something hard to change or soften.


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