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Martin Wisse

Some nitpicks:

Hezbollah did very well in the last Lebanon elections, scoring their best results ever, so any fallout fromt he socalled Cedar Revolution was shortlived.

Also, Hezbollah has a record of mainly attacking military rather than civilian targets, so it's not really a case of switching targets.

John Tieso

George W has an interesting blueprint for the Middle East. He thinks that by installing some form of democracy in the area, the people will become quiescent, and there will be peace. Just like Egypt, which democratized in the 1950's, but still invaded Israel anyway, why should the others not adopt what he wants, and then vote to invade?

The real problem here is George W's motives for getting involved. This is truly a proxy war for the US. The Israel US PAC gives out a lot of money to nearly all the politicians that vote for worthy causes. More importantly, George wants revenge to somehow erase the scars of 9-11 that will forever be on his administration. What he doesn't realize, I believe, is that the greater scars are the Qana massacre scars, along with others, that should not have happened, had cooler heads prevailed on the capture of two soldiers.

Trouble is, revenge is not always sweet--as the Israelis--the US substitute and stooge, are finding out.

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