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"the only country that cares about Russian interests is Russia."

It's been said that states don't have friends; they have only interests. The notion that individual states are the only ones that care for their national interests is the foundation of the international order. The Russian position is entirely rational and in no way out of line.

Honza Prchal

I dunno. Russia's actions in Georgia right now are, at best, indirectly hostile.

That said, Russia is defending it's interests in it's classically heavy-booted manner. It's helping us in our efforts to kill off terrorists both through direct action and through itnelligence sharing who do not depend on its largesse or tolerance and exerting such leverage as it has to protect the rest. It does sound a lot like the Czars, only minus the idealism.

John Haskell

I would add the following
Para 1: correct
Para 2: correct
Para 3: correct
Para 4: correct
Para 5: correct

The United States pursues its own interests. Only Americans are naive enough to believe that other states would also pursue American interests.


Well it's a good thing we have a Russian expert as the SecState! (he said sarcastically)

John Haskell

By the way, your "sarcastic" comment is right on the money. Our "Russian expert" does not even speak Russian at the first grade level. I have seen her try to speak the language on Russian TV and it's just another Bush Administration snow job.

Jim Harrison

As revolutions go, the fall of the USSR was a relatively peaceful affair; but the Russians did lose the Cold War; and the sequel has been a diplomatic, economic, and demographic disaster for them. It wasn't a win-win outcome at all. Under the circumstances, you have to be mighty naive to expect the Russians to feel warm and fuzzy about us, especially since NATO keeps marching East.

I sometimes imagine that Putin is saying to himself, "So here I stuck playing a bad hand, forced to humor a grinning halfwit who wouldn't last a week in my situation. He's got all the cards, but I bet he still loses."

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