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It's very difficult to get policy makers to do things in the national interest when their personal interests point in the opposite direction. This is especially true when the policy makers in question are pretty close to sociopathic.

Cheney and company make a lot of money off high oil prices.


113 mil since 2000, thats the oil and energy industry contrabutions according to The Center for Responsice Politics. Thats split about 80% Repub. and 20% Dem.

Delicious Pundit

There's also this problem: How? (You should check out the Oil Drum for a sense of the intractability of this problem.)

If anything oil prices should be higher in order to incentivize us to develop alternative sources. That this might help in climate change -- a force that I believe will be far more destablizing on this continent -- is lagniappe.


Echoing delicious pundit. It's difficult to see how oil prices can do anythng but rise, for the rest of our lives. A better national strategy would be to try to moderate the commodity's price volatility, to protect consumers from psikes, and to reassure investors in alternative energy that they won't have the rug pulled out from under them by transient plunges in the cost of a barrel of oil.

Honza Prchal

Your broader point is excellent, but on tactics, that's the sort of argument that has to be made late in an election given the parties voting records on allowing driulling in the USA. Last I checked, no other nation in the world restricted it's own ability to drill and explore.

I'm sure Russia joins the other bad actors on your list as being thrilled at our priorities.

Thomas Palm

Joseph, the rational suggestion for how to reduce US consumption of oil is to tax it. This is especially attractive for a huge consumer like USA because the resulting drop in demand will lower global oil prices ensuring that it will be the oil producers rather than the consumers who will pay much of the cost. The problem with implementing a rational policy is that it requires rational voters...

Jim Harrison

The arguments about offshore and Alaskan drilling create the false impression that there are sufficient oil reserves to make a lasting difference to oil prices. There aren't. Anyhow, environmental concerns aside, it makes sense to save the reserves for as long as possible since they will increase in value as oil becomes scarcer and scarcer. Drilling now just ensures that the oil will get burnt in one of Arnold's hummers.

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