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J.C. Wilmore

An interesting post, though I would suggest that one reason that Israel is getting so much bad press just now is that an organization like Hezbollah can externalize the costs of waging an asymetrical war with Israel. When Hezbollah shoots at Israel, it hits Israel and in the eyes of the Arab world (and much of the rest of the world) all Israelis are legitimate targets.

When Israel shoots back, Israel often hits non-combatant, non-Hezbollah Lebanese. This makes Israel look as though it is busily and effectively engaged in slaughtering people who had nothing to do with the attacks the Israelis complain of.

The situation in Lebanon is just a small example of this ability to externalize. Consider the fate of Iraq. The people of Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks of 9/11, but al Quaeda has succeeded (without really trying to) in embroiling the U.S. in a costly war there. The majority of the al Quaeda attackers came from Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. remains at peace with that country.


Pretty good post, but maybe you're not seeing what CQ and T'Hawk are actually arguing against.
This is criticism you apparently aren't seeing KD, but those other two bloggers are dealing with. Maybe because it doesn't come from a certain realm of the blogosphere(rational progressivism or military minded progressivism) doesn't mean it isn't out there.

You aren't seeing that people really ARE making arguments over the legitimacy of collateral damage in any context as opposed to your argument of 'if it isn't working it's damn near criminal'. (No, I'm not trying to say you're making an ends justifies means case. It's not.).

One other thing. Hiding, as opposed moving into an urban environment because of tactical or strategic importance/necessity? Hiding, intentionally employing 'lawfare', I'd say is universally wrong. Geneva seems to make those who do the hiding responsible for the civilians they hide amoungst. But simply moving into the urban setting because it offers more cover, with our without the people being, there is a whole other story, no? Isn't that why Geneva says that during the prep and and execution of an action geurillas must wear some distinctive badge to be legal combatatnts but not that they must do so when not engaged directly in military activities?

Ronald Nolan

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