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strikes me as they're just sliding to the standards they set for fellow professors. After all how many academic scandals have there been recently where professors somehow managed not to site quotations and nothing happens to them. Seems kind of ridiculous to string up a student but do nothing to his/her $60,000 a year professor.


That's nothing. I had a friend (not the smartest pea in her family) who went to a really good college thanks to her sister taking the SAT's for her, and getting her a score of 1350. Additionally, as she was about to graduate from said college, she needed one more grade to graduate, but unfortunately when she took her test in American Literature she failed miserably. So what did she do? She went to the Dean's office and complained about the fact that her American Literature class did not reference, or use any Latin authors, and neither did the exam. She argued that being a hispanic she could not be expected to learn about American Literature (even though this was an AM Lit course) because the school in so requiring was depriving her of her culture (complete bull, she never identified herself as Hispanic and generally looks down on hispanics).

The Dean, not wanting to confront the prospect (I assume) of having the political correctness or cultural sensitivity of his school questioned, within the week changed her F, to a B+ on account of the schools lack of cultural sensitivity. The funny thing was that had they given her an exam on Hispanic authors, she would have gotten an even worse grade on the exam as she has never in her life read any Latin, or hispanic literature. It is a sad commentary on our country's PC culture that people like her can get BA's from reputable institutions.

Just to clarify, my friend told me about this recently (we've been out of college for about 4yrs.), and I could not believe that this is how she was able to get her BA.

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