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J Thomas

I think you're asking too much. Bush's polls have consistently showed the same pattern -- a sudden jump up when he does something decisive -- 9/11, the invasion of iraq, the capture of Saddam -- and then a slow drift down as people find out that nothing particularly good has come of it.

Why would he give up whatever sudden jump up he can get from this one?


You might look at the pattern and conclude, "Rather than take a cheap, quick dividend in the polls, why not invest in something more lasting?" If Americans are increasingly unconvinced by the Bush Administration's momentary declarations of victory, it's perhaps time to treat them as people who understand what the "long, hard slog" really entails. Bush's obvious grabs for quick, easy gains are major contributors to his drop in the polls.


There has been a lot of noise, especially from the Jordanians, the American declined to act on previous intelligence on Zarqawi's location. Indeed, the White House specifically rejected a golden opportunity to conduct an assassination-by-guided bomb before the Iraq invasion took place. Such a hit would undermine the case for war in the form of a connection between Saddam's Iraq and al Quaeda. That Zarqawi survived this long has at least as much to do with American reluctance to kill the goose that lays golden propaganda eggs tailored for domestic consumption as any survival skills on Zarqawi's part.

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