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Good points, all. My only quibble is with this:

The entire US grand strategy is at stake.

What 'grand strategy' is there, any more? Before 2000, American foreign policy was unmoored in many ways by the USSR's implosion. But since 2000, the only overarching goal I see is the preservation of Republican political fortunes.

Not that the opposition is doing much better. It'd be nice if the Dems posed a couple of simple questions: Is a half-trillion dollar military budget really good value? And do we really need to see the world as a nest of enemies?

Steven Taylor

I don't disagree with the basic thesis--which is that we are clearly stretched far too thinly.

The irony, though, with using the drug war as the launching-off point for the discussion is that there has been no diminution of funding or support for that particular slice of American foreign policy. Indeed, as I have argued elsewhere, there has been an impetus on both the Colombian and American sides to tie the policies in Colombia to the broader "war on terror." It wasn't until post-911 that the US government was willing to state the obvious, which was that the drug war and the guerrilla war were inextricably intertwined. As such, the commitment has increased--although as I noted in my post, to no particular effect.

And don't blame it all on Nancy--it was Tricky Dick who declared war on drugs back in '69! ;)

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