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Nice post.


They may have stared into an abyss. But what they seem to have seen was a projection of their collective psyche. Like looking at a Rorschach inkblot.

If other Administrations saw mixed images in that blackness, This one's stark "vision" was of the magnified power of a "Unitary Executive", freed from Constitutional contstraints. The military became THEIR military. "Muscular diplomacy" in a Unipolar world was surely, THEIR muscle. And, if the sinews of war are unlimited money, well, privatized Iraqi resources (by way of Bremer's 100 orders) would be a horn of oily plenty.

The worst part is, I think they still cling to this vision. After all, faith is a virtue. Especially in the absence of reality testing. And, "real men go to Tehran".

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I tried to read the excerpts you posted, and sleep kicked in. My head did bang against the keyboard, but only due to the sudden loss of consciousness.

Did you see his press conference? The consultant glasses, the consultant hair, the consultant suit, the consultant posture. I think Ryan Henry has a synergistic marketing plan on the shelf that will enable us to increase our market throughput while leveragizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Damn, it happened again!

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It's how the system works sometimes, a little unacceptable for me.

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