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you might want to take a look at this:

A Hundred Years of Irregular Warfare
Maj M W Shervington PARA


I've seen some better ads more recently. One had a guy in an Army shirt jogging through a residential neighborhood with a voice over of him talking about why he fights.
I've also seen some really bad ones, there's a poster in the laundry room offering three free mp3s if you join the National Guard.
I always thought the ad where the Marine fights the dragon on a volcano was terrible, but my brother-in-law told me it was one of the military's most effective ads.


They do seem to be running a bit short. I am a Navy reservist and a lot of folks in my shop are getting mobilized, retrained as soldiers and being sent to do Army missions.


seems that you have fallen into the Bush & Co. propaganda trap cocnerning military recruitment

the military is NOT over stretched due to the "fake" GWOT but due to the non-GWOT war in Iraq.

if it weren't for this current Iraq War we would have more than enough troops


I'm trying to guess whether theDoubleStandard was trying to be ironic or if he/she is serious...


dear J:

i just read your June 2 04:47 post

my answer is "both"

Recruitment Software

Ah, interesting. I came across something similar some time back.


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