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"To quote Peter Cushing's character (the consummate bad bureaucrat, Grand Moff Tarkin) in Star Wars, "You're far too trusting." " Yes but at least I'm with the Rebel Alliance...

No, you're right, I am spinning it in the best possible light, because what else can you do? Rant and rave? The USAA rep was very nice in explaining what was going on, and although I know that the govt could probably subpena their records and get that data, what the hell, I've been in the military, they know where to find me. It's the cost of the effort and the stupidity of it that annoys me, and the Big Brother vibes just don't go away.

Steven Taylor

I need to look up the story, but along the same lines there were some reports a few months back that anti-terrorism legislation (I think it was USA-PATRIOT) that flagged customers who made unusually large payments on credit cards or such--to the degree that it could hold up the transfer of funds.

Along similar lines, there was a proposed law in Georgia (that I don't think passed) that would have required businesses like Western Union confirm the legal status of persons seeking to remit cash to Mexico.

The notion that grocery store clerks should be engaged in what boils down to law enforcement strikes me as ludicrous, but so it seems to go these days.

Steven Taylor

Here's the original wire story:

The story states the law in question was the Bank Privacy Act, but the following blog post notes that it dealt with a banking provision in the Patriot Act:

Given that these stories often aren't what they appear to be, I didn't look into it all that heavily. However, the ACG's experience makes one wonder.

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