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Although I had initially envisioned it as a four part series, I'm going to add a fifth as general wrap-up and summary thoughts.


Sehr gut!


Interesting analogy, KD. Perhaps it would have been better if you mentioned Tirpitz, not Bismarck: she did indeed spend the war mostly in Norwegian fjords, menacing passing convoys, only fired her main armament once low-angle in order to bombard a platoon's worth of Norwegian resistants, and eventually sank in her fjord.

The next step in the analogy was what the Royal Navy and the RAF did to her - she was crippled by midget submarines (kinda like smuggling a bomb into the camp), and finally bombed to buggery by RAF Lancasters.

Notably, though, to actually sink her for good and all the RAF had to design a new kind of bomb.

What might be the insurgent Tallboy?


Four points, two major, two minor:

Tirpitz and Scharnhorst still managed to tie down a lot of manpower and ships, even if they never sortied.

The short lifespan of the battleship is a bit atypical; its predecessor, the sailing ship of the line, lasted for over a century without much change in design. The bolt-action rifle lasted more than sixty years. The flintlock musket lasted a century and a half. The lancer lasted for, I don't know, millennia.

The Tallboy wasn't developed to hit Tirpitz, though it worked well that way; it was developed as an 'earthquake bomb' for large industrial and strategic targets.

It's "Fear God and Dread Nought" - the pun works better that way. ("Fear God and dread nothing" or "Fear God and HMS Dreadnought".)


Actually, the Bismarck spent little time in port or in the fjords - she was sunk on her maiden voyage. The Tirpitz, however, did spend most of her war in port.

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