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dear KingDaddy:

your site is a favorite daily read --- excellent analysis

but, i have searched your site for something important but i have yet to find --- your definition of the word "terrorism"


Great write up on the theory, but your conclusion is a bit confusing. Are you suggesting that the current administration's success (success being defined as no attacks since 2001, and no reason to believe there is currently a credible threat) will lead to future attacks because the American public will become complacent and apathetic?

If this is your logic, than perhaps we should allow a couple of small attacks just to keep the public on their toes? Or maybe we should be more forthcoming with our intelligence putting our methods and sources at risk, thus risking degrading our collection capability? Perhaps we should share more information on what terrorists where planning to do, despite the fact that that information may give other terrorists ideas and may negatively affect how people view their safety (for example, if a plot was discovered and released that a group planned to attack subways, would people avoid subways out of fear of another planned attack).

Based on the theory and the analysis of the current situation, what is the solution? Is it possible that the "Distraction" in Iraq is actually a successful strategy against terrorist attacks in America (whether that was the original intent or not)? A classic asymmetric warfare tactic is trading space for time, in this regard, it is possible that the administration (unwittingly or not) moved the center of Al Qaeda focus elsewhere to buy time to prepare the "homeland." Granted, this preparation has been slow, perhaps this "distraction" is just what is needed to give us time to make the security changes at home that are required to prevent the next 9-11.

Antiquated Tory

Wouldn't that be a bit like sawing your arm off so you won't mind your toothache?

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