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TM Lutas

Sorry, I can't agree with the "practice" section at all. Iraq *is* the central front in the war, it's just not the war that you're seeing. The pathologies that have combined to create Al Queda arise from a very unhealthy regional dynamic of dictatorships, both royal and nominally republican governing poorly while destroying the forces of (classical) liberalism. The only pole left outside the complete control of these dictatorships are the mosques from which arise pathological religious liberation movements.

Breaking that dynamic is a critical part of our strategic war plan and Iraq is the central front in that struggle currently. Afghanistan is too peripheral to matter in the minds of arabs but Iraq is a different story. If it can be stabilized, it will provide a long-term model for the creation of a liberal solution in the ME. That's going to dry up support at the start of the funnel process that, at its far end, produces suicide terrorists.

Democracies can make really dumb early choices but if they don't slip right back into dictatorship they improve with each election. Iraq, if we stick around long enough that the state regains its monopoly on violence, is likely to be the start of the end for Al Queda over a decades long process that integrates the ME into the rest of the world.

They're not calling this the Long War for nothing.


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