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bob mcmanus

Greenspan is a Fox

On a casual first reading of both, the articles of Greenspan and Rumsfeld seem interestingly comparable.

"We have no system, no paradigms, no models! That is our system!"

Instead we have brilliant charismatic leaders? Hmmm...

Chris Bray

I tried to read the excerpts you posted, and sleep kicked in. My head did bang against the keyboard, but only due to the sudden loss of consciousness.

Did you see his press conference? The consultant glasses, the consultant hair, the consultant suit, the consultant posture. I think Ryan Henry has a synergistic marketing plan on the shelf that will enable us to increase our market throughput while leveragizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Damn, it happened again!


Chris, I didn't see the press conference, but your description made me feel as if I were there. Feeling...woozy...

Nike SB Dunk

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