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When IO see Pat Robertson's followers burn down an embassy, anywhere on Earth, I'll take the comparison you made.

Till then, it's just nonsense.

JS Narins

There's a conservative who is(was recently?) in the UK Shadow Cabinet by the name of John Redwood who, a long time ago, wrote a really boring book with lots of great quotes from a wide variety of source material. The book was on religious oppression of science, especially in the British middle ages. It's called "Reason, Ridicule, and Religion : the Age of Enlightenment in England, 1660-1750".

Near the beginning (because of circumstances, I didn't get much past the first chapter or two) it makes the point that, just when religion was very powerful and on the verge of falling, it began getting -very- concerned with anyone even _mocking_ it.

It represented, if I understand Redwood, both the power of the group (to making mocking it a crime) and its precarious position (for how can anyone truly fear mocking?)

Rich, the short bus is waiting. I'd like you to stand here, next to Hugo Chavez, while Robertson reads his next tirade. Thank you very much.


I'm a bit confused by rich's comment. Is he saying that, although Roberts has said he wanted to nuke the State Department, since that's not technically an embassy it's OK? Or is he claiming that Catholics aren't Christians (since some o them burned the British Embassy in Dublin)?

J Thomas

Mojo, he's claiming that Robertson's followers have not yet burned down an embassy. Saying they ought to doesn't count, and other christians doing it doesn't count, it has to be Robertson's followers.

As it happens Robertson's followers tend to live in states that don't have embassies. But some of them are in virginia and might get down to DC. We'll have to wait and see.

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