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Bill Petti

Well, you can count on my vote--some of the best commentary I have read since I started coming by.


They're absolutely right. As a strategic analyst (and someone planning on going back to school for my PhD in security studies) having discovered this blog in a roundabout way it's now one of my top three things I check every single day and have on constant auto-update in my RSS feed-reader (the other two being ArmsControlWonk and Early Warning). And I continue to pass this one along to my colleagues. Anyone smart enough to name their blog after Prof. Schelling is worthy of praise.



Sebastien Vincent

This is well deserved. I check your blog every day.


Echoing the above. My only complaint is that sometimes you don't write enough.


Thanks, all. As for more frequent posting, I've been working on a real gut-ripper of a post, the tenth and final in the counterinsurgency series. It'll be easier to do more frequent, smaller posts now that this mega-post is done.

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