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Jeff Rubinoff

"Truthfully, I think that, to win the war in Iraq, US forces will have to both drop conventional military doctrine and organization, and deploy more forces."

So, add more forces or draw them down? You seem mostly to be suggesting the latter, using a smaller military more intelligently (not a million miles away from what you'd have expected Rumsfeld to push for) but in this paragraph you contradict yourself.


Hrm. I'm not sure I was as clear as I had hoped, so I'll try again.

Force reduction would not necessarily be a bad thing in and of itself, if things were different in Iraq. In fact, the punchline from Imperial Grunts is that there are places, like Afghanistan and Colombia, where we might do a better job with less regular military overhead.

However, Iraq is a bit different. The situation is so bad that, even if you were able to focus on particular areas in a classic enclave strategy, you'd still need the following:

(1) Some kind of reaction force to deal with problems in other, more contested areas. The Iraqi national infrastructure--roads, power grids, communications, and the like--can't simply be written off. Given the bright political spotlight that the Bush Administration itself put on Iraq, and continues to keep on it, there needs to be some responsiveness just to insurgent attacks in these other regions, if for no other reason than to avoid the appearance of being completely feckless in the face of the insurgency.
(2) A garrison force to handle areas that have already been secured. Given the unreadiness of Iraqi forces to pick up where US forces have left off, the joint US/Iraqi effort won't be able to go from one "liberated" enclave to the next without leaving some US forces behind.
(3) Given both of these problems, support and logistical forces also need to be relatively larger than they would be in a different country where we're also engaged in counterinsurgency. After all, who's going to fly people around the country? Keep everyone well-stocked with ammunition, medicine, and other needs?

That's what I meant to say, and probably didn't say clearly or thoroughly enough.


What is amusing is that this new “counterinsurgency” thing can’t point to a single success in the long run so far

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I love how you guys always change the mysterious voodoo into common sense tests. Thanks SEOMoz for letting CRE tell your story so we could learn how to think like human beings instead of bots.

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