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J Thomas

I think a lot of americans won't begin to understand how this seems to paks until we start getting local police forces with Predator drones and Hellfire missiles. Or at least state ATF guys.


Good point.

Jason Steinberg

It is in the interest of the Pakistani military dictatorship to keep US engaged in the region searching for Bin Laden and his cronies. We are paying these corrupt military opportunists over $600 million per year to help us fight terrorism. Why in the world would they hand over senior Al Qaeda operatives to us if this “good Samaritan” behavior will end the flow of much needed funds for the Pakis?

The whole world blames AQ Khan for nuclear proliferation to North Korea and Iran. But, the truth is that he was working for the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, which is controlled by the Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense (MOD). While working for the Commission, Khan couldn’t even lift a finger without the consent of the MOD. (Even his house in Islamabad had military guards posted outside to provide protection.) It is also a fact that any transfer of nuclear technology was officially sanctioned by the MOD. So, it makes every reason for Khan to be pardoned by the Pakistani government, otherwise if Khan was interrogated outside Pakistan, he is likely to expose the Paki’s dirty laundry.

By the way, the US missile strike was not in Baluchistan, but in Damadola village, which is located in the Pakistani province of NWFP. However the indigenous people of Baluchistan, the Baluch, are the most secular people in the region, whose territory is forcibly occupied by Iran and Pakistan.

The Baluch natives are at odds with both the Islamic fundamentalist Iranian government and Pakistani military dictatorship (clandestine supporter of Taliban and Al Qaeda). They demand to gain total autonomy to form a democratic government through political dialogue and insurgencies. But, each time the Baloch try to gain their freedom, the well-equipped forces of these two governments ruthlessly crush the Baloch uprisings.

In the interest of global peace, it’s imperative to dismantle the nuclear arsenals of Pakistan and Iran. The Baloch are ideally suited to help us implode these two countries. In the past, we have successfully used the Kurds in Iraq to topple Sadam Hussain, and Norther Alliance to end the Talibans authority in Afghanistan.

I believe that we should provide political, economical and military support to the Baluch people in their quest to bring a secular democracy in the region. The Hamas electoral win in Gaza is a clear message that we must defend “Secular Democracy”, not religious based "Islamic Democracy".

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