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I believe this is standard, and there IS a chain of custody. There is supposed to be a uniformed man in the plane itself, who greets the body as it is unloaded out of the passenger plane. There may be a miscommunication going on here.

Steven D

I have sent two recent emails to you. If you haven't received them, could you please let me know on this thread. Thanks.

Pet Campbell

As a mother who has buried a child, I am heartbroken at the senseless loss of life.
These men and women deserve our respect, as do the families, who have to live with the knowledge of what high esteem they loved ones were not held in.
As an American,I am simply beyond outraged.
Surely if we can finance humanitarian efforts all over the world, we can show some humanity for our own.
Both living and dead.

David Ollier Weber

For an extremely moving and sobering multi-media piece in the Rocky Mountain News on how the Marine Corps, at least, treats their fallen troops in that region (who do not seem to come home in Ziplok bags), I recommend this link:

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