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Yes, there are good books, terrible books, and really excellent books about Islam and the interface between Islam, modernity, and war/terror. As is true with any other subject under the sun. You would be more helpful if you gave examples of excellent books, essays, or whatever.

Here's my list of more knowledgeable authors, in alphabetical order: Gilles Kepel, Bernard Lewis, and Olivier Roy.


I'd add to the list Richard Pipes' excellent In the Path of God, and Karen Armstrong's short history of Islam.


"The Crusades were defensive conflicts." Are you making that up? Did they actually write that? Does it say anywhere that "Rape is a quick way to get a lady's attention" or "Nancy Grace is an eloquent advocate for the rights of the accused"?


Yep, they actually did write that.

John Everitt

They obviously know little of the crusades. For starters they haven't even distinguished between crusades. Which crusades? Does that include Constantinople? What about the economic angle? I can only conclude that the author of that book is encouraging his readers to to thing of the crusades as a single thing. It's re-writing history just like the Victorians did.

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This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes. Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.

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