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Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg

And thanks to blogging we have increadibly informative sites like your own. I wish I had had you as a prof!

Thanks for the insightful and indepth looks at warfare! Do you plan on turning your "core topics" into a book?

Steven Taylor

Not to fret--my geekness (past, current and future) is no secret ;) -- either on the blog or to my students.

Thanks for the plug.


I may, someday. The outline of the "core topic" of the blog looks suspiciously like a book outline, doesn't it?

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg

and a pretty darned good one at that. I've never come across a book on war that looks at it in as complete and readable way as the one you've outlined here. Just bite the bullet and send it to a few publishers, I'm sure you'd find more then a few who would be interested. Some of the earlier sections, esp. #2 (i.e. there are biological and psychological reasons for the question "why war?"), could use a bit more meat, but otherwise I could see an intro to war class built around it...

Matthew Shugart

As someone who has known Kigdaddy for about 25 years now, but only recently discovered that his old friend has this great blog, let me add my voice to Alex's and say the material here could make an extremely valuable book.

Sorry for the late comment to this post. I was furiously preparing for my trip to Europe when this grand reacquaintance (via Steven Taylor's blog) occurred. Just back now.

By the way, do you have any idea how hard it is to find English-language news in and around Krakow, despite that city's being a major tourist desitation within a new EU member state?

I wound up having to ask an English-speaking Pole (on a train to Oswiecim/Auschwitz, eerily enough) to translate for me the news of the 21 July attacks in London.

Sometimes (like in the blogosphere) the world seems very small. Other times (like when trying to get information when far from the English-speaking world) it still sems very big indeed. And, in some ways, that is quite refreshing, even if it is also frustrating.

Matthew Shugart

Just noticed the link to my website was not working. I think I fixed it now. Sorry.

oakley frogskins

the opportunity for multiple insurgent groups to organize and equip for different objectives--the northern front would have had no impact on the real sources of two years of violence.

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