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Floyd Low

This is a fantastic BLOG and excellent content.

Mr Cohen would do well to throw his Can Do Attitude overboard and recognise that this is a war of detectives.

How I get to that idea -

The only trouble with any plan that sends a lot of bombs outside your camp - is you usually end up making a big noise in a generally empty desert.

I think that the partner countries have to really step up their efforts and show the average Joe the freedom fighter is leading them to a wrong destination

Plus - its very hard to track them when

A - you can`t walk around unimpeded in a partner country
B - they can wait all the time in the world as they have no voters to report to
C - they are (I believe) not even interested in USA - UK etc - but these roadside bombs are a diversion to make the western oriented nations to pull out so they can go after what they call the internal target - the Oil Rich Sheiks and their extended empires
D - Joe average in the street over there does not speed up or slow down governments
E - and finally - if they don`t use email or electronic devices but rely on a network of trusted couriers almost identical to the HELLS ANGELS - your ability to pick them up on a radar screen is much more limited

How will it all end?

I predict it will be something like how the US got the plane carrying Admiral Yamamoto (Pearl Harbor Bombing Suspect Number 1) - detective work

And no end - ever - of cops with Tommy Guns in the most unlikeliest of places

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